SL Business Directory

SL Business Directory (SLBiz2Life) offers ways to promote and advertise your business in Second Life, starting with traditional ad boards and web banners onto unique opportunities: Guaranteed Visitors, Picks Booster, and analytic tools.


Originally developed as an advertising department of (, SLBiz2Life has quickly developed into a separate advertising network which unites more than two thousands active advertisers and publishers. The SLBiz2Life advertising programs currently cover all promotional aspects a business owner needs to ensure achieving a successful business: starting from initial business promotion (such as obtaining real and active visitors and raising parcel traffic values) up to advertising business in SL Search by raising it to the first positions within the search.

A better way to advertise!

Get real visitors delivered, gather the residents’ picks (favorites), advertise your business by joining the Ad Fusion network, the world-wide ad-board advertising technology with pay-per-click payments. Stay informed about your business daily statistics: visitors, SL Search position – you can do everything with the SL Business Directory!