How to Buy Earn2Life Shares

As you may already know, we've become a public company, and you can buy the shares now!

This page explains how to buy the shares, step-by-step.

First: Create account with SLCAPEX

1. Visit SLCAPEX office (teleport to Crystal Springs/192/177/24). After teleporting, take a look at the left and right, you will see the ATM booths at the end of the red carpet. Go to the right:


2. Come by the ATM booth and touch the door to open:


3. Pay few Lindens to ATM to create your account (right-click the ATM, and choose "Pay"):


4. ATM will tell you your password. Go to and use this password to login.

Second: Fund your SLCAPEX balance

Right-click SLCAPEX ATM and choose "Pay". Pay the desired amount. (Verify that the name on your pay window says "CSV Republic.).

Your balance will be shown in your SLCAPEX account:


Important: Your money can be delayed for a couple minutes because of the SLCAPEX risk and fraud checks. Don't worry, they will appear on your SLCAPEX balance in 5-7 minutes.

Third: Buy Shares

1. Open SLCAPEX IPO page: 2. Click on the "Buy" link and proceed with the purchase.

Need More Info?

If you are looking for a most recent information about IPO, please visit the blog.

If you have any questions, IM Glaznah Gassner in-world!