Creating business account

The business account registration process is identical to a personal account creation: read Creating Second Life account.

However, there are some details you should pay attention to.


Avatar name

Choosing good avatar's name is very important because your customers see it every day.

Using business account as your personal one

If you plan to use business account yourself to manage the business contacts, make sure that your first and last names sound good. It's hard to suggest anything particular, however make sure it sounds quite serious and don't name yourself Bitchy Flowers if you are going to sell land security tools.

Business account to manage the money flow

You can plan using your account to process or accept payments only, so no one will see your avatar in-world.

The name plays even greater role for this kind of business avatar.

Your customers see your business account name every time they do a money transaction (pay you or receive money from you). Choose something serious and neutral: Business Root, Payment Smith etc. because you may want to change your business specialization in the future, and your account name still sound good.

Using SL Reg API

The Reg API enables you to provide your avatar with a custom corporate name, but requires a preliminary registration. Read more here about Reg API.

Business avatar appearance

Read Tuning your business avatar article to learn about improving your avatar appearance, clothes and profile details.

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