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About Ad Fusion

Ad Fusion is an adboard technology which allows you to effectively advertise products and services in SL.

Advertising formats

Ad Fusion supports a variety of formats, from the traditional 5:3 and 2:3 sandwich advertising boards:

Example 5x3.jpg Example 2x3.jpg

Ad Fusion advertising network

Ad Fusion combines the advantages and simplicity of traditional adboards with these unique features such as centralized control, exhaustive statistics and pay-for-click payments.

Ad Fusion benefits

Ad Fusion benefits compared to other adboards include:

  • pay-for-click payments
  • animated textures
  • PG/mature/adult content control
  • daily detailed reports
  • system-wide scam and fraud protection against unfair publishers

Pay-per-click principle

You pay only for people who actually click your ad. You don't have to worry about your publisher's traffic and wonder if this traffic is real.

Animated textures

Ad Fusion allows to upload several textures and they will change each other, allowing to create animated advertising.

Fraud protection

System protects advertiser from unfair publishers and clickers. 90% of false clicks are cancelled in real time, the remaining 10% of clicks are cleared during the checks within next hour.

How it works

Create your order, assign money and upload textures and landmarks using a special device.

It's that simple. Your advertisement will be added into rotation within few minutes, and advertisement statistics will be accessible within a few hours.

Ad Fusion control center

To upload your ad, use the in-world device. Just drop images and landmark and see the resulting board in real size.

Control-example-01.jpg Control-example-02.jpg


After uploading images and landmark, system fetches a suitable boards (according to format, mature/adult rating) and start rotating your ad all over SL.


You set the click price yourself and you are able change it whenever you want. The minimal click price is L$6.

Higher stakes - faster rotation

The payment for each click you set determines how often your ad appears on boards.

Online price calculator

Online calculator will help you to determine the best ratio and the lowest price which provides the necessary amount of daily clicks.

How to order

To place an order, login to your SL Business Directory account.

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