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I am trying to advertise a social networking website for SL residents and I already spent a lot of money in worthless Google Adwords and Inworld Classified ads. Since i am using SlBiz2Life the parcel where i have the inworld infopoint reached the top in SL search, my website boosted its Alexa rank and I am having new members everyday. Well, what to say? I tried other inworld advertising solutions, and I only lost my money, I never found anything so effective as this great service, and I would strongly encourage all those SL entrepreneurs who want to advertise their businesses without spamming and wasting a lot of time (also bothering and annoying residents sometimes ...) to use it!

This customer has joined SLBiz2Life and uses second life advertising services since March, 2010.
Testimonial posted on May 22nd, 2010.

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