Guaranteed Visitors Testimonials

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Hedson Anthony, "MCSL companies - Biz Center" owner, wrote:

Slbiz, it's a very inteligent program that provides the residents of Second Life ways to earn some L$ and increase trafic to your buisness. Everybody wins with this system. I use this and always will use.

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veekay Navarathna, "Medley Estates" owner, wrote:

This is the second time we are using the services of SLBiz2Life. It is convenient for us to have many fascilities at one place so that we do not have to hunt at many places for a campaign.

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Oliver Szondi, "OzWebHostingsServices" owner, wrote:

SLBiz2Life has enabled me to advertise to a large amount of in world users quick and fast! Ii got double the amount of clients i would normally get without SL2Biz.

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Ichago Dougall, "Animation Boardwalk" owner, wrote:

Ive used the service Guaranteed Visitors for a boost in traffic. I must say it was easy to set up and was a great way to get a temp boost.

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