Ad Fusion Advertisers Testimonials

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Denizdincer Destiny, "Shopping" owner, wrote:

Advertising with SLbiz2Life is very easy and useful. Also it gave me more traffic than i hope!

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JL Zinner, "Inferno Ice" owner, wrote:

SLBiz2Life has given us a great easy way to advertise with many options. Within an hour of starting an ad campaign to promote an outfit, I had someone tp in and purchase it.

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Tattoo Lane, "Goddess Clothing" owner, wrote:

Hi - I have used this service for a few months now - and would like to say how well it brings more people into the store.

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Svarazic Sabra, "Shape Shifter" owner, wrote:

Together with my partner i run a shapes and clothing store. We sell unique male and female shapes and clothing. Since we started to use SLBiz2Life our visitors have increased.

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