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Marketing and advertising is just as important to your business in Second Life® as it is to any real life business. We offer several ways to promote your business, from traditional adboards and banners to our unique opportunities, guaranteed visitors and other services.

MetaBizList is a FREE directory of Second Life business with a regular reviews feed. The reviews are being written by SL residents: professional writers and regular citizens. Reviews are also free for business owners - list your business now!

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"Guaranteed Visitors" program

"Guaranteed Visitors" program has been designed to draw real unique people to your business. No bots, no traffic campers!

Visits can be powered with a Fox Hunt game!

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"Picks Booster" program

"Picks Booster" aims to boost the exposure and popularity of your business by establishing it as a "Pick" in residents' profiles.

1. Expose your business to residents
2. Promote your business in a word-of-mouth manner.

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Ad-Fusion Network

Ad-Fusion is a adboard advertising network in Second Life.

Ad-Fusion combines the advantages and simplicity of traditional adboards with these unique features such as centralized control, exhaustive statistics and pay-for-click payments.

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SLPano URL & 3D view

SLPano is an SLUrl replacement which exposes your location in Second Life®to web visitors without launching viewer! It displays:

(1) Location name, description, web links; (2) Screenshots, images; (3) Amazing 3D View of your location

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"Search Analysis" tool

"Search Analysis" tool is an advanced method to track the business positions in Second Life Search.

You specify the keywords to search for, and tool determines the position of business by searching these keywords daily.

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SL Business Reviews Feed

Today's Review: Brickyard Blues and Gallery

by CW Washborne, March 11th, 2014

This is a DJ music venue offering a range of music but focusing mainly on rock and blues. The venue’s brand image, at the entrance and various locations inside, has been well designed and fits the venue, providing a sophisticated feel.

The most striking element to the venue is how spacious it is, with an incredibly large dance area providing ...

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This place is specialized in static animations and poses for models, photographers and role play ...

by Nicky Hausner, Mar 11

PopRocks 80s & 90s Music Club-Karaoke- Live music

While this location is primarily a music venue, to think of it as just that ...

by CW Washborne, Mar 08

Rock A Bye Babies Birthing Center

I teleported to Rock-a-Bye Baby initially to complete an offer and was amazed to see ...

by Mr Hammond, Mar 08

Unique Clothing and Tattoos

This is a shop which stocks clothing, shoes and tattoos. It is a large store and has ...

by Mezly Resident, Feb 12

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