Earn2Life IPO Customer's Rewards


Our major company, Earn2Life.com will be listed at SLCAPEX stock marketplace during the IPO which starts on May 16th 2011.

This is a great news for the whole community since Earn2Life.com is the oldest and the most successful money-making project for Second Life residents. This is also the biggest IPO ever done in Second Life, the company has been evaluated at L$12,500,000!

The official announcement is available here.

The IPO prospectus (pdf) can be downloaded here.

Short FAQ for investors: Shareholders FAQ

Become a Shareholder!

We definitely would like to see our customers amongst the shareholders. We plan to involve the shareholders to the company's future, and would like to involve the concerned persons into the company's management.

We will pay the monthly dividends regularly and launch new programs with Earn2Life.com. This will keep the company value (and the share price) at a higher value, providing the revenue for the shareholders.

Also, we've prepared the Customers's Reward program to support the customers buying our shares:

Customer's Reward Program

We provide the following advertising bonuses for all our customers, both existing and new:

  1. Advertising services here at SLBiz2Life: 10% worth of your share purchase
    This includes any service of your choice, including Guaranteed Visitors, adboards etc.
  2. Group advertising at GroupCast (http://www.gpc2life.com): 7% worth of the shares you purchase
    (GroupCast is the non-spam group advertising marketplace. Please visit http://www.gpc2life.com for details)
  3. Banner advertisement at www.slcapex.com: the exact value is not known yet, and will vary depending on shares amount you buy.

This reward package will be definitely helpful for your business.

We will provide the bonus advertising services for the shareholders in the future as well, this will positively affect the company value, too.

Special Cases

If you are going to buy the shares more than L$100,000 worth, please contact Glaznah Gassner for the special arrangement.

How to Buy the Shares

This document in Earn2Life.com wiki explains how to buy shares of Earn2Life.com at SLCAPEX: http://www.earn2life.com/wiki/Buy_Earn2Life_Shares

Feel free to ask our support managers for help, or contact Glaznah Gassner in-world. We will answer all questions and provide you as much help as possible! link title