Second Life Business Live – Featuring Business Reviews

February 25th, 2012

We are featuring a new business model of MetaBizList – the project turns into a live business review feed with dozens of reviews added every day.


MetaBizList (former SL Business Directory) was one of the first SL business listings, and it is definitely the largest Second Life business listing at the moment.

Besides the wide range of advertising services (Guaranteed Visitors and others), we maintain the free SL business directory, allowing business owners to list business for free (we have 2945 approved businesses listed today!). Keeping an up-to-date description of the business, uploading images and URLs allows owner to expose the company’s activity to a wide audience of residents.

Providing extra coverage: Reviews

Good business owner always looks for ways to expose the best aspects of the business to the people. However, it is often too expensive to order a business review if you don’t have your own writer/copywriter.

MetaBizList becomes your powerful solution now: we review the Second Life businesses every day, focusing and outlining advantages of various SL ventures. As a part of Business Directory, this service is completely free of charge! We randomly pick the review targets every day.

Want to participate?

If you did not listed your SL venture at MetaBizList yet, do this right now. It is completely free. After logging to your MetaBizList account, list your business with us.

If you don’t want to wait until our reviewers randomly hit your business, you may encourage authors to write a review of your business. Contact Glaznah Gassner in-world for details.

SmartBots as advertising tool

April 8th, 2011

Actually, we never planned to use SmartBots service ( as a pure advertising service.

Basically, it allows to get more members to the group and perform other group tasks. But, with the further development of the Notices service it turned out that a lot of customers use SmartBots to advertise.

With the Notices service it’s possible to setup the scheduled notices delivery to any group which provides the “Send notices” ability. There are a lot of such groups in Second Life!

This is not spamming (we fight spammers and disconnect them from the service rather quick) since the group owner  allows the notices as long as you obey the group rules.

The number of SmartBots customers  advertising using SmartBots bots is quicky growing. We plan to provide the additional tools, and already added the inventory attachments to scheduled notices.

We protect your orders from cheaters 24/7

April 13th, 2010

Cheaters are always wandering around money-making business. We are working with money-making and advertising services since 2001 and do know a lot of schemes used by cheaters to get extra money.

In our Second Life activity we fight cheaters every day to protect your “Guaranteed Visitors” orders, AdFusion clicks and “Picks Booster” profiles you buy.

I believe that nobody wants to get the same people visiting parcel over and over, or “dead” residents keeping picks on profile.

That’s why we prevent cheaters from wasting your advertising budgets, every day, 24 hours a day.