SLBiz – what’s new?

Our company’s activity is focused mainly on advertisement services in Second Life. It’s turned out that joining all services control within the same website confuses customers (new ones, and those who don’t want to use all services at the same time).

Thus, we launch the new advertising services as a separate websites. The most recent changes has been applied mostly to SmartBots and GroupCast.


SmartBots is a group management service we’ve created. It’s not purely advertising project, however, it allows you to promote your group to your customers and visitors. With a larger group you gain an ability to quickly inform people about your services and products.

SmartBots website:
Official blog:


This is a brand new project we’ve launched. With GroupCast you can advertise your services to thousands of residents! At the mean time (February 2011) we provide access to 98 groups with 178,631 group members.

This is truly amazing opportunity to advertise your SL business at a cheap price: advertisement prices start from L$4 for single group IM.

GroupCast website:
Official blog:

What’s new at SLBiz2Life?

However, what’s new at SL Business Directory? We are not adding new services to this website to avoid overcrowded account dashboard, but all existing SLBiz services are up and running. There are minor improvements and updates we do every week.

We had to remove the “Visibility Booster” service since it does not affect SL search anymore (there were changes made by LL beyond our control). All other services still function, including our favorite one: Guaranteed Visitors.

If you are looking for advertisement, we suggest you to take a look and try the GroupCast service ( Ability to reach thousands of SL residents can not be compared to anything else!

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