Recent changes and updates

It’s time to write a short report about our projects and programs.

Visibility Booster

First of all, the new program has been launched, “Visibility Booster”. We did not write an announce it yet because program still experimental: we are changing and refining it. This program really woks and increases the business visibility!

Refined Dashboard

Another recent change is a refined account dashboard. We’ve got a lot of questions regarding obscure business card listing and SL Pano URL list. They are joined into the single dashboard panel now.

Custom 3D Views

And the last change is a possibility to upload your own 3D panoramas now. Our photographer will create one for you for L$2,999 – but you can use your own one if you have it.

P.S. Some people ask if the “Pick Booster” program still alive and running: yes, it’s running. Advertisers put orders, and this still a good way to promote business (even taking into account that picks do not affect SL Search anymore).

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