New Program Service: Website Visitors

We are announcing a new program “Website Visitors” for our advertisers to attract visitors for the website.

With this program you have the capability to increase traffic to any kind of SL-oriented websites, including online shops, text blogs, entertainment services. Within this program we deliver visitors to your website using devices located in Second Life (494 devices installed on  25th March, 2010).

This means that all your visitors have active SL accounts and some money to spend.

Technical details and prices

Every visitor is reviewing the site for 15 seconds minimum. This allows you to expose the most important pages to your visitors and let them know about your services.

The pricing of the service is L$2 per visitor.

To place an order, login to your account.

4 Responses to “New Program Service: Website Visitors”

  1. Missy Galaxy says:


    Do these visitors use on-prim website browsing?
    Also, what is the price of 300 visitors? L$600, right?

    • Glaznah Gassner says:

      No. Visitors use their web browsers to visit your website.
      Yes, the price is L$600

  2. Zeebster Colasanti says:

    How do you know whether the visitor has in fact spent 15 seconds reviewing my website? How is this measured? If I understand this correctly, the devices in SL display some sort of advertisement on a rotating basis. If the visitor is interested in the advertisement, they click it which pops up a request to open a website. This click may have been completely unintentional and may have been intended to in fact move on to the next ad. Although you can record the fact that the visitor has clicked the object while my ad was being displayed, you have no way of knowing whether the person actually opened my website, nevertheless how much time they spent looking at it.

    Do you have a way to impose spending limits (say max L$200 / day?) or do you limit the number of clicks allowed from the same avatar? It would be quite feasible for a bot to quickly run up the tab.

    Can we get a daily or weekly report of avatar names who have clicked the ad while it was being displayed?

    • Glaznah Gassner says:

      We open the web browser and use its functionality to guarantee the view time.

      Technically, we use framed browser window to ensure that:
      1. Your page has been opened
      2. The view time has been maintained
      3. This is not a bot (we check for particular activity, including mouse movement)

      All website visitors are 24 hours unique: we ensure that by using in-world and online checks.

      The limits are the perfect idea! We will implement it in few days, thank you.

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