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1. Rock A Bye Babies Birthing Center Rock A Bye Babies Birthing Center

Rock a bye Babies Birthing and maternity clinic offers parents to be premium birthing and prenatal care by real life medical professionals. Our Packages are inclusive with everything you need for a healthy beautiful pregnancy. Established in 2007 owned and operated by RL RN. Lets us take care of you while you take care of your growing baby. Rock A Bye Babies where miracles Happen every day.

2. Hope Rising Family Rp Community

Hope Rising started as dream, a ideal among a group of outcast who believed there was something better then what they were currently experiencing in their lives

3.  Sweet Baby Love's Clinic Maternity Sweet Baby Love's Clinic Maternity

We are a small Clinic here in Second Life. We have really nice packages and mall. Come and take a look at it. Smile

4. Xy'Donna E'MonYaire Maternity and Birthing Clinic Xy'Donna E'MonYaire Maternity and Birthing Clinic

We are currently working to be the best maternity clinic in Second Life. We offer everything you are most concerned about. We have yoga/lamaze classes, Zooby babies, walk-in delivery, ultrasounds, prenatal exams, and the list goes on and on. We offer the best prices and you get everything you could had imagined. Our role play skills are on point and we are here to make our patients happy. Give us a try. Contact Siera MacIntyre for more details. Thank you.

5. Hearts Dezire Maternity Clinic Hearts Dezire Maternity Clinic

Maternity Clinic and Birthing Center. We provide affodable packages, Pootebuilt Mommy HUds, Daddy Huds, BReastfeeding HUds, Home Blood tests, Mama Allpa Huds, Braclets, Belly Rings, Kianta Ao's and Tummy's

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