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1. Exposed Jobcenter Exposed Jobcenter

Exposed Jobcentre Looking for a Job? Looking for Staff? Here at Exposed Jobcenter Employers can place their ads and people will find the job they are looking for. dancer, host, dj, Manager, photographer, security, model, and other jobs Exposed Club

2. Shimmer

Music is life. 80's to Today - Open Genre. More than just another club, Shimmer is a place to call home.

3. Virtual Horizons Employment Agency Virtual Horizons Employment Agency

VHEA - Where jobs meet people. Come look for your job, it's waiting for you.

4. Club Carnage Club Carnage

Club Carnage has thrived since 2005 in a market where clubs are here today, gone tomorrow. A committed and professional management team and staff keep the club crowded, entertained and returning time after time. Guests enjoy dancing; live DJs, games, events, contests and sploders during at least 6 events per day. Everyday. Typically traffic is over 20, 000.

5. Kitty's Gentlmens Club Kitty's Gentlmens Club

Welcome to Kitty's where you'll find the most erotic, sensual, teasing escorts and dancers just waiting to stimulate your senses and bring your wildest sexual fantasies and fetishes to life. Come play with Kitty's.

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